Smart City Expo World Congress

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 12:00am to
Thursday, November 16, 2017 12:00am


TM Forum has partnered with the Smart City Expo World Congress for the Technology and Data Track. Join 17,000 delegates from around the world who will gather in Barcelona, November 14-16, to discover the latest smart city innovations. Through this collaboration, TM Forum will influence the agenda on the specific technology topics that drive industry collaboration.

Nov 16: 4:30pm-5:15pm

City as a Platform: A Collaborative Framework to Drive Sustainability, Inclusivity and Innovation

Nov 16: 10am-11am

Carl Piva to chair Plenary Session PL 08 – Engaging and Empowering People Using Data and Digital Innovations

  • Digital innovations can help empower civic society by improving engagement in democratic processes. Yet, with all the apps and platforms out there, it’s hard to set out a model of citizen engagement going beyond the digital suggestion box and bearing in mind privacy and security-related issues. How can city managers better use data to model engagement? How can they avoid being drowned in feedback while being inclusive?

Nov 16: 1pm-2pm

Carl Piva to moderate session – Leveraging the Power of Open Data to Improve City Services

  • Many cities around the world have made significant strides in opening its data, as it contributes to advance transparency and accountability, as well as citizens’ involvement. However, there are still some key issues to be addressed. How can cities create an effective open data policy? What are the essential elements to develop an open data platform which is economically viable, inclusive and ensures the right to privacy? KEYWORDS: big data; data center; data management; data visualization; open data; platforms; cloud; interoperability; performance measurement; data platforms; integrated city services