The sustainable telco: engineering networks for net zero

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Virtual 9:00am - 10:00am
Your local time 2022-12-13T14:00:00Z - 2022-12-13T15:00:00Z

The energy crisis, societal concerns about climate change, and the emergence of new technologies have given communications service providers (CSPs) a fresh impetus to transform their energy usage.​

The matter is more urgent than ever as higher energy costs are driving up telcos’ network opex, and have resulted in profit warnings​, at the same time, pressure is coming from all stakeholders for CSPs to report on the sustainability of their end-to-end businesses​.

The webinar will shed light on how you can take a holistic approach to energy efficiency, expedite decommissioning, reduce costs and increase intelligent usage-sensitive networks. Join us to assess:

  • The challenges CSPs face when seeking to improve network energy efficiency and the steps they are taking
  • The industry’s ability to assess and manage end-to-end energy use
  • How technological transformation in helping telcos manage energy usage as they build out 5G and fiber networks
  • Effective short, medium and longer-term measures

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Hear from:

  • Dean Ramsay, Principal Analyst, TM Forum
  • Joanne Taaffe, Editor in Chief, TM Form
  • Frank Palase, Vice President, Industries Transformation Strategy, Salesforce
  • Michael Deane, Global Decarbonization Hub – Strategic Energy Management Lead, KPMG
  • Akhilesh Tiwari, VP, Head of Communications, Media & Information Services (CMI), Americas, TCS

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