Data & AI Innovation

Unleash the potential of your data with AI

The benefit…

AI has the potential to truly transform our industry, as we move from the Digital Telco to the AI-Native telco era. It is a critical technology for reducing costs and driving growth. But to achieve its full potential, AI needs to be ‘built-in’, carefully embedded into redesigned processes, networks and business functions. And the data that teaches our AI tools and models must be accurate and accessible .

We deliver…

The work of TM Forum members is enabling the industry to explore and understand how to embrace AI, accelerating, de-risking and reducing the costs of applying the technology in their businesses to cut OPEX and grow revenues. Our AI-Native data architecture , combined with the insight and evidence on best practices of AI implementation, is helping telcos use AI at scale to reignite growth.


We have been working on AI and Autonomous Networks for more than five years, with over 1,600 professionals from 198 organizations, and have made significant progress, creating the architecture frameworks to embed AI into operations, including ontology and Open APIs for intent-based closed loop automation. 
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