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GenAI hyper-personalized customer experience

URN C23.0.497
Topics AI (Artificial Intelligence), Data management, Revenue assurance

GenAI hyper-personalized customer experience can increase lifetime value by up to 35%, revenue by up to 24% and reduce churn by 20%

Anticipating potential customer churn so customers can be proactively retained is as important as attracting new ones for CSPs. This Catalyst project can help CSPs to reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value (LTV) by providing a self-learning personalized customer experience interface. The project will use Accenture's Customer Data Architecture, Google's Vertex AI, and Pega's Customer Decision Hub to create a real-time AI-powered platform that can predict customer churn and provide a personalized experience to telco customers. This can be used to retain customers who may be considering termination of their subscription, and where possible upsell a new package more beneficial to both parties. The platform will be able to understand customer behavior and preferences, and will be able to reach out to customers proactively at the right moment with offers that are tailored to their individual needs. The platform will be able to be used across all channels, so that customers can be reached regardless of how they prefer interact with the CSP.


Welcome to the future of personalized customer experience! Come and see for yourself in Booth C12 in Hall 3! Imagine arriving at a restaurant and the chef knew exactly what you wanted to eat - a “Pizza” and the deliciously cheesy delight arrives at your table, piping hot, atop a flawless crust, uniquely crafted with a medley of toppings exactly what yo imagined and served to perfection without you even placing an order. This exceptional service would create unwavering loyalty, where every visit treats you to a one-of-a-kind culinary delight, ensuring you will return time and time again for another tailor-made extraordinary experience. This is exactly the recipe we have curated in this innovative catalyst. Using data analytics, predictive and generative AI, we have designed a highly re-usable and automated marketing framework for CSPs that continuously adapts to a customer’s needs and offers unique recommendations, and solves customer’s problems, zero-touch, on-demand and at scale. Just like our pizza, each offer is uniquely crafted, composable and syndicated through an omni-channel experience and served at the right time, through the right channel and with the perfect value proposition that fits the customers preferences perfectly like a jig-saw piece. Our use case is churn prevention and by leveraging the latest in GenAI, data, and network insights we show you how to improve customer lifetime value, prevent churn, upsell and improve overall customer experience like it's never been done before. This personalised approach is required because the telecommunications industry is facing a number of challenges. Customers are increasingly switching to other providers, it's becoming more difficult to retain them, the cost of acquiring new customers is rising, and modernizing the network, IT, and marketing can be even more complex. For example, we see marketing campaigns from first time customer targeting to upsell, are very linear, blasting irrelevant messages while training your customers to ignore them. Analyzing billions of data points to improve personalization, ROI, churn, and the customer experience add to the complexity. Traditional marketing is often seen as intrusive and spammy. Customers are bombarded with generic messages that don't take their individual needs or interests into account. Hyper personalized approaches, on the other hand, are more relevant and engaging. They use data and analytics to deliver messages that are tailored to each individual customer. They’re able to join the dots across disparate channels, to ensure interactions are contextualized by the customer’s most recent touchpoint with the CSP. As a result, hyper personalized approaches can lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, and improved brand loyalty. This catalyst helps CSPs fundamentally rethink their marketing operational model, speed of decision making and proposes a radical shift to an open, loosely coupled, cloud native, AI driven, ODA inspired framework for digital engagement. A framework desperately needed for CSPs to support the fast changing customer expectations.

0. Start

START HERE - Learning Paths

1. Introduction & Overview

C23.0.497 - Infographic

Arena Deck

C23.0.497 - Catalyst in One Slide

2. Business Value

C23.0.497 - Business Value Assessment

C23.0.497 - Business Benefits Summary

3. Detailed Explainers & Videos

1 - Configuration - Campaign Content Creation with GenAI

2 - Setup - Vertex Churn Model Overview

3 - Part 1 - Detect Customer Network Issue + Data Platform

4 - Part 2 - Customer Issue Caring Campaign + API call

Concept Deck

4. Supporting Documents

McKinsey - What is personalization?

A new path for telco customer engagement

Busting Telco’s Eight Biggest Personalization Myths

5. Vendor Products

Pega Customer Decision Hub Datasheet

Pega Explainer Video

Pega Solution Overview Video

Accenture Customer Data Architecture Whitepaper

Google Cloud for CSPs

Google VertexAI and GenAI

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