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Zero-touch digital services marketplace – Phase V

URN C23.0.577
Topics Ecosystem management, Marketplaces, Open Digital Architecture (ODA)

We bring “as a service” model, connectivity commoditized in a single package. An automated process in strained infra to benefit consumers.

To capitalize on the commercial opportunities that come with their unique position in the ecosystem and meet their sustainability goals, CSPs must focus on enabling cross-industry solutions with ever-greater operational efficiency. This Catalyst is developing a Zero-touch Digital Marketplace platform that helps CSPs create and deliver cross-industry solutions more quickly and efficiently. The platform is based on the TM Forum ODA architecture, which uses CaaS to enable smart compute analytics of IoT device data. This allows for single-pane reporting in a variety of industries, such as smart stadiums, healthcare, and gaming. The goal is to enable CSPs to bring together their expertise in digital operations, autonomous networks, and vertical industry use cases to create innovative solutions that can help them move beyond connectivity and become digital ecosystem providers. The objectives of the Zero-touch Digital Marketplace project are to: * Simplify B2B2X solutions for CSPs. * Increase the operational efficiency of CSPs. * Enable CSPs to create new revenue streams from cross-industry solutions. * Help CSPs meet the sustainability goals of the SEC and the UN.


The surge in demand for “as a Service” models has brought about a transformation in the way connectivity is commoditized. While embracing this change, many Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are considering this new approach. However, what sets them apart is the degree of automation and the integration of value-added Industry 4.0 solutions. This shift introduces a paradigm that allows consumers to access connectivity as a service, enabling on-demand usage and self-service management. By leveraging existing CSP infrastructure, this model generates new revenue streams through cutting-edge technology. Understanding customer intent and ensuring comprehensive service assurance is critical while aiming for an autonomous network Network issues impact Service Level Agreement (SLA) penalties, customer satisfaction, and overall experience. Strategic adoption of technology is essential, especially transformative technologies like AI, ML, and Generative AI. CaaS based closed loop network assurance necessitates an intent management platform that captures customer intent, detects anomalies, and provides solutions autonomously. The current type 1 marketplace involves CSPs directly listing and onboarding their products or services but fails to generate expected revenue. Achieving a Type 2 marketplace requires a platform for orchestrating and monetizing multi-sourced solutions. Introducing the Zero-touch Digital Services Marketplace, a game-changer offering network reliability and enhanced customer experience through AI analysis of telemetry data combined with a type 2 marketplace for seamless partnering and orchestration of multi-industry offerings. CSPs can create new revenue streams, monetize assets, and leverage new models. Below are some of the resources and collaterals produced during our collaborative work with our champions and participants A .Introduction * Presentation * Trailer * E2E demonstration showcasing: * end 2 end ordering with service assurance * intent based closed loop assurance * consortium of marketplaces B. Hansen Technologies Collaterals C. Colt on Demand D. CurateFX E. Vertical Industry solution use cases that we have developed over the iterations

A. Introduction and Demonstration

End to End Ordering with Service Assurance

Intent based closed loop assurance

Type II - Consortium of marketplaces

Introduction C23.0.577

Meet us

Zero Touch Digital Marketplace Presentation

B. Hansen Technologies

Smart Care: Hansen Catalog, Hansen CPQ and Hansen OM user journey

Create Intent flow

POST intent call TMF 921

C. Colt on Demand

Colt’s On Demand Knowledge Centre

What Is Colt On demand

Colt’s on demand demonstration

D. CurateFX

C23.0.577 CurateFX

E. Industry 4.0 Use Cases

Smart Spaces - Sustainability

Cognizant's 1Facility vertical industry solution

Smart Care - Good Health and Well Being

Cognizant OneCare vertical industry solution

Smart Stadium - Fan Experience

Smart Stadium - Crowd management

Blog - Super charging venues

Inform feature

Automated end-to-end IoT solutions market removes complexity for business customers

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