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Rise of the bots

URN C23.0.583
Topics AI (Artificial Intelligence), Diversity, equality & inclusion

Keeping the human-in-the-loop to maximize the business value of AI-driven digital transformation.

The focus of CSP digital transformation activities has generally been on technology rather than the softer aspects of organization, talent, and culture. As a result, many CSPs are now struggling to know how to adapt their organizations to exploit the digital technologies they are acquiring successfully. With many potentially disruptive AI capabilities having improved dramatically over recent months, this problem will only get more acute. This Catalyst will use a focused maturity model to capture the experience of a large, pioneering CSP as it seeks to integrate AI-enabled applications across its operations innovatively. The aim is to identify the best practices and pitfalls of transforming the CSP's organization, talent, and culture. The lessons learned will feed into the TMF's new Human Factor project, and TechCo Organizational Design (TCOD) in particular, to create a foundation for the necessary frameworks and guides to help other CSPs navigate their organizational transformations successfully. Overall, this project will provide valuable insights into how CSPs can successfully transform their organizations to take advantage of AI-enabled technologies.


Update on Dec 1, 2023 The catalyst team has submitted a case study to TM Forum TechCo Organizational Design (TCOD) project, feel free to review and make comments: According to TM Forum’s Digital Transformation Tracker 7, the more human aspects of digital transformation such as organization, talent, and culture are seen as key barriers to success. And unlike the more technical aspects of transformation, there is little benchmark/advisory available for transformation leaders to follow. This need for clear guidance is becoming more acute as digital technologies such as LLMs, generative AI are becoming ever more capable of performing “human” tasks. As a first step, TMF has developed GB1047 Digital Talent Maturity Model (DTMM), forming part of a proposed suite of material to help DSPs successfully handle the human aspects of transformation. In this catalyst, we are putting this model to practical use, using it to identify the specific human challenges our champions are facing, and identify practical solutions for our industry. In phase 1 we have already made significant findings:- CMCC Zhejiang: To improve human interworking with AI Bots to achieve “Zero-touch” network O&M, new professional career paths and systematic training designed for bot development were introduced. This has helped CMCC Zhejiang to create bots and release people for more meaningful work. stc: A knowledge management governance and platform has been established, supplemented with digitalized, personalized assessments of each employee’s skill status. This has helped to create a learning culture with knowledge sharing, continuity of skilling and accessibility to required information. AIS: Five improvement areas were identified, in which a hybrid work policy and knowledge management were prioritized to foster higher employee engagement, facilitate cross-functional collaboration, promote a learning culture, and thereby deliver business outcomes. MTN: DTMM was used to assess its on-going digital workplace initiatives and identify additional opportunity of using LLMs to improve employee experience. MTN also leveraged DTMM to validate some of its unique employee well-being, diversity & inclusion and upskilling practices.

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The impact of AI on the industry’s workforce must be examined and managed – a new initiative shows us how

Project Photos

Digital Talent Maturity Model workshop with stc

Digital Talent Maturity Model workshop with stc

Digital Talent Maturity Model workshop with CMCC Zhejiang

Digital Talent Maturity Model workshop with CMCC Zhejiang

Digital Talent Maturity Model workshop with AIS

TM Forum Assets Used

IG 1316 TechCo Organizational Design V1.1.0

GB1047 Digital Talent Maturity Model V1.0.0

TM Forum Digital Transformaton Tracker 7

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