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Beyond chatbots – Revolutionizing telecom with advanced generative AI

URN C24.0.678
Topics AI (Artificial Intelligence), Customer experience management, Data management

Empowering tomorrow's telecom by unleashing innovation through the fusion of generative AI and AIML for seamless customer experiences and digital excellence.

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This catalyst aims to establish best practices for leveraging integrating generative AI and AI/ML in the telecommunications sector. We'll showcase their combined application in various use cases, such as predicting customer needs, elevating service quality, and strengthening relationships in the Care and Digital sectors, along with other impactful scenarios. Leveraging cutting-edge GenAI and LLM models, we embark on an innovative journey to meticulously analyze care call and chat interactions. The primary focus is on precisely labeling the call reason and key discussion topics, laying the foundation for our ML Intent Score models. This breakthrough approach doesn't stop at mere prediction; rather, it propels us into a realm of even greater impact. Once intents are accurately foreseen, we seamlessly transition to the next frontier — routing the customer to a Virtual Agent, a technological marvel powered by GenAI, capable of flawlessly managing the entire interaction with finesse. What sets this process apart is the establishment of an 'Intent and GenAI Factory.' This visionary operation ensures a continuous cycle of identification, thorough vetting, and dynamic development of additional intent and conversation models. It's an innovation-driven engine that propels us beyond the conventional, consistently refining and expanding our capabilities to deliver unparalleled customer experiences. In our commitment to pioneering advancements, we go beyond self-innovation. We are actively shaping best practices throughout this process, creating a blueprint that will rely on and contribute to TMForum assets, such as open APIs and ODA Best Practices. This blueprint is designed not only to be replicated but also adapted by others in the industry, fostering a collaborative environment for transformative innovation

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