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Supercharge any activity in any metaverse

URN M23.0.554
Topics Digital twin, Metaverse, Open APIs

Leveraging generative AI and Web3 to empower CSPs in the metaverse era & monetizing 5G/6G & redefine next-gen customer engagement.

The Metaverse is a rapidly growing market with the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the world around us. This Metaverse Moonshot Catalyst aims to help connectivity providers capture value in the Metaverse by offering a platform that enables a consortium of global CSPs to enhance their customers' in-Metaverse activities with on-demand connectivity and activity-relevant NFTs. The platform also provides the capability for each member CSP to deliver a Generative-AI driven customer service experience in any ubiquitous metaverse environment. This project has the potential to benefit the broader industry by increasing customer engagement and satisfaction, creating new revenue opportunities, promoting innovation and collaboration, and shaping the future of the metaverse. The objectives of this project are to: * Develop a unified platform that enables a consortium of global CSPs to enhance their customers' in-metaverse activities. * Offer on-demand connectivity and activity-relevant NFTs to customers. * Improve customer service efficiency through a Generative-AI powered avatar-based service in any ubiquitous metaverse environment, reducing costs related to physical stores with an innovative omnichannel solution. * Establish a shared Web3 Telco Loyalty Network for member CSPs to introduce their unique customer engagement and monetization models.


Welcome to our 2023 catalyst “Supercharge any activity in any metaverse”! This collaborative solution involving CSP champions T-Mobile US, Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Labs, and Magyar Telekom, along with technology partners Amdocs, Microsoft, and D-ID, has been developed. The Metaverse and Web3 hold the potential for revolutionary customer experiences and transformative value for service providers. Imagine 3D virtual customer experience, VIP front-row events and real-time engagement. Our Moonshot Catalyst project tackles challenges in establishing CSP metaverse presence, bridging virtual and physical realms and adopting emerging tech through collaboration, breakthroughs, and TM Forum industry standards. Empowering CSPs to deliver unique content, new monetization opportunities, redefine loyalty, enhance service efficiency and bridge virtual and physical worlds of customer and employee experience, we expedite time to value. The solution is a single platform, designed to be deployed in any metaverse. It reinvents service experiences for both employees and subscribers through features like the In-activity Universal Telco Kiosk, leveraging digital human and conversational AI. The platform is powered by a Web3 customer loyalty network and managed by a consortium of global CSPs. It enables a complete customer journey, incorporating 3D product libraries, smart agent management, Web3 loyalty networks, real-time catalog federation, Web3 to Web2 orchestration and integration with TMF Open APIs. This solution powers use cases such as Web3 Telco Loyalty Network registration, metaverse concert, and Generative AI powered immersive CSP metaverse store customer service experiences. Within this resource section, we host various materials to introduce you to our collaborative solution. Through our main presentation deck, discover our Moonshot objective, the driving business demand, the imperatives of our solution for CSPs, the core of our innovative offering and glimpse into the future vision of our team. For those looking for a deeper understanding of the technology, our solution architecture deck unveils the blueprint of our proposed solution, the underlying technology, and the user journey across three use cases and the demo video featured guide you through the journey. Included is a shortform document, highlighting quotes from our CSP Champion participants and catch a glimpse of our collaborative spirit in action, as we share an image capturing one of our team calls in the metaverse. We invite you to our kiosk, M10, within the Innovation Labs Hall. There, we'll unveil our immersive demo, showcasing the potential of our vision as well as during our arena pitch presentation, on Tuesday 19th September, 4:45-5pm at the Innovation Arena Stage. Finally, be sure not to miss our panel on Wednesday, 20th September, 4-4:45pm, where our project Champion representative, Riccardo Pascotto, Vice President and Head of Research Cooperation & Funding at Deutsche Telekom, will contribute to a discussion on conquering industry challenges to unlock groundbreaking advancements with far-reaching impact.


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Trade and identity for any experience in the universal metaverse

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