IG1221 BSS/OSS Cloudification Guide Suite

This snapshot of a Communication Service Provider Transformation Guide for Cloudification of BSS/OSS is a collection of experiences and practices from several service providers and vendors targeting the transformation of monolithic BSS and OSS systems to Cloud. Typically, such transformations are conducted in ‘waves’ based on different criteria defined by the CSP strategy like value to the company, momentum, impact on the organization, cost. As part of this strategy, there are advantages in having a systematic checklist based approach across all waves and considering a constant evaluation of the needs and criteria.

It is formulated as a set of Parts that can be used as a practical guide for running a transformation program for Cloudification of BSS/OSS.

It comprises:

  • Part 1: Transformation Planning and Execution This part of the document describes transformation planning and execution aspects: 
    • How to prepare one’s organization for setting up a cloudification transformation program 
    • A Readiness Assessment approach using tables for assessment of systems and business applications from both technical suitability to move to the cloud and the consequential organizational, operational,  business value, business needs, commercial and cost assessments. This is the primary focus of this initial version. These assessments are supported by Part 2 Checklists for assessing both ‘As is and ‘To Be’ aspects of an BSS/OSS cloud transformation. 
  • Part 2: Checklist Library A series of checklists for assessing ‘As Is’ in order to enable planning of ‘To Be’ target with outcomes. Factors that have been considered include technical and the consequential operational, organizational, commercial and cost implications.
  • Part 3: Case Studies: A series of short summaries from members about their transformation experiences. Some are acknowledged and some are anonymous.