TR225A Logical Resource: Network Function Model – Appendices R15.5.1

This document TR225A only contains the TR225 Appendices.

The main document, TR225, combines the work done in TR215 on Forwarding Relationships with earlier work on Termination Points and Connection-oriented Connectionless Convergence. It starts with a framework model proposal, defines the terms in the framework model and then builds on the framework to provide functionality equivalent to the existing MTOSI and SID models. We can think of this as defining the skeleton model which provides the core support and then fleshing out the details using that supporting structure.

This document will focus on moving forward and will only include earlier work when it is needed to help in understanding as we build up the new model.

The new model is designed for the future; it must support data center, virtualization, SDN, NFV and other current initiatives‚¬“ as well as supporting the existing legacy network. The team feels that the best way to provide future support is by building a new model from the ground up, based on solid graph theory principles‚¬“ rather than trying to update an existing model, because the networks of the future require more than just a touch-up to existing models. Note that this release is a draft. Some areas are not complete and text in yellow highlights where further work is required.

General Information

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