TMF720 Digital Identity Management API User Guide v4.0.0

The following document is the specification of the REST API for Digital Identity management.

A digital identity enables identification / authentication of Party, PartyRole, or Resource in order to allow Party, PartyRole, or Resource (for an app) to retrieve permission. Ideally, the digital identity should be defined at party level but business UC could require to have finer-grainer scope and require a digital identify for one or a set of party role. For example, it can be used to have a digital identity carrying all professional party role delegated by the employer and another one carrying all party role played personally. Digital Identity could be provided to an application to trigger interaction with other system (logistic system triggering automatically order to supplier).

At least one credential is needed for an active digital identity. A credential enables identification / authentication. In this API, credential specialization are provided but it could be extended by implementation. One or many contact mediums might be defined for each credential to be used for reset.


General Information

Document series: TMF720
Document version: 4.0.0
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Guidebook
Team approved: 16-Dec-2021
IPR mode: RAND
Published on: 01-Feb-2022
TM Forum Approved: 18-Mar-2022
Date modified: 22-Mar-2022