IG1163 Information Framework (SID) Clarification Documents R17.5.1

This series of presentations aims at clarifying very important features or patterns used in the SID. The approach taken is to use simple examples deliberately taken from outside of the telecom domain, such as cars.
In some sense there is nothing new compared to the explanations and information available in the GB922 documents. However, the authors believe that using these examples will bring a new view point that may be useful to the readers interested in the SID.

It is not intended to replace training courses which go into more detail and are focused on the Telecom domain.

In release 17.5, four clarification presentations have been created:

  • IG1163A SID Clarification-EntitySpec-Entity R17.5.1

Clarifies the difference between a UML Model which is made of Classes and a run time system which uses Instances. 
EntitySpecs and Entities make sense in both context: a UML Model may have Classes to represent specific kinds of EntitySpecs and Entities while a run time system may have Instances of these EntitySpecs and Entities Classes.

  • IG1163B SID Clarification-CharacteristicSpec and Value R17.5.1

Clarifies the CharacteristicSpecification/CharacteristicSpecValue pattern and illustrates how it can be used to dynamically define attributes for any business entity.

  • IG1163C SID Clarification-CFS-RFS-RF R17.5.1

Clarifies the respective positioning of CFS and RFS and ResourceFunction.
(see also annex 2 of the GB922 Logical and Compound Resource Computing and Software R17.5.1, for more illustrations of the concept of ConfigurationFeature).

  • IG1163D SID Clarification-Association-Relationship R17.5.1

Clarifies how to create new classes dynamically (using the meta-model concept RootEntityType).
It also clarifies how to define dynamically new associations between classes  (by creating instances of Association) or rules/constraints between classes (by creating instances of RootEntityRelationship).

General Information

Document series: IG1163
Document version: 17.5.1
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: How To Guide
Team approved: 04-Dec-2017
IPR mode: RAND
TM Forum Approved: 20-Apr-2018
Date modified: 24-Apr-2018