IG1190L AIOps Service Desk Management v1.0.0

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This paper aims to cover the Service Desk Management process in AIOps, i.e., in operations where AI components have been or will be deployed at a significant scale.

According to ITIL 4, “the purpose of the service desk practice is to capture demand for incident resolution and service requests. It should also be the entry point and single point of contact for the service provider with all of its users.” The Service Desk is “the empathetic and informed link between the service provider and its users”.

In our context, the service provider is any internal technical provider, like IT and Network departments, or any third-party providing relevant services and support to the end-users (e.g., outsourcers, IoT providers, digital content providers, service providers, etc.).

The essential scope of the Service Desk Management is to provide support to end-users addressing their issues and requests efficiently and effectively.

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