Software Enabled Services Management Interface (SMI) Specification Package-TIP SMI Specification V1.6.0

Contains the IA document with the corresponding WSDL file

The Software Enabled Services (SES) Management Solution activity was established with the objective to enable both traditional Communication Service Providers (CSPs), and Internet, content and media service providers to leverage the opportunities and service marketplace that are presented by the network and IT convergence. Specifically to provide a means to allow consistent end-to-end management and metering of services exposed by and across different service providers’ domains and technologies, such as communication or Web 2.0 services. The envisioned standards are intended to support business practices associated with multi-provider cooperation throughout the lifecycle of the service, and this by means of lightweight design to foster wide adoption of the standard artifacts in any architecture, technology environment and service domain.

OA&M interfaces today are siloed per technology, standardized by specific SDOs or implemented by vendors as proprietary implementations. This renders the consistent management of services sourced from different domains as challenging.

The SES Management Solution proposes an innovative hook to allow consistent access to the software components for OA&M tasks. This consistent access is achieved by incorporating the SES Management Interface (SMI) in addition to the Functional Interface definition that is part of software component creation. The SES design pattern per the SES Reference Architecture enables reusability of services in different environments, including Cloud, by manipulating the SES Lifecycle Management Metadata (Ref. TMF618) which is supporting the SMI operations.

The SES pattern is defined to handle also those cases where the composed service is not able to manage all of the management dependancies by means of the logic which is triggered by the SMI operations. In this case, the LMM is providing a recipe which describes how to manage the composition members.

This SMI IA document describes the information model associated with the SES Management Interface which provides a set of simple operations to allow SES components to interact with management systems in a consistent way.

This information model has been imported in the JOSIF toolset in order to generate a PDF document and the wsdl. From this document Change Requests will be created against the Frameworx Information Model in order to inject the interface definition into the Integration Framework.

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