RN310 Information Framework Release Notes R17.0.1

This release of the Information Framework release contains enhancements to it, including:

  • The SID MAP has been removed from all guide books;
    Refer to GB991_Core_Frameworks_Concepts_and_Principles_R16.5.1
  • All Data Dictionary have been removed from all guide books;
    Description of Entities are available in the Model.
  • TR244 entities in preliminary mode have been removed
    (preliminaryNetwork Service ABE, preliminary Network Function ABE).
  • Support for virtualization by introducing the concept of ResourceFunction and other related classes such as (among others) SoftBlackBox, PhysicalBlackBox, HostingRequirement.
  • The concepts of SoftwareFeatureSets and SoftwareCommand have been removed.
  • Removed CustomerAccountContact replaced by PartyAccountContact.
  • Renamed PartyRolePossesPartyAccount relationship.
    Added relationship between PaymentMethod and PartyAccount
    Added Revenue Sharing examples
  • Annotated several ABEs in the LogicalResource ABE tree as likely ToBeDepreciated.
    In particular, the Converged Network ABE is now annotated as likelyToBeDepreciated, as there is no more development/maintenance of this ABE in TM Forum; in parallel, the artifacts originally represented in this ABE are now being updated and further developed as part of an activity in the ONF SDO (see TR275).
  • Added relationship between Currency and PartyAccount through a PartyAccountCurrency entity.
  • ProductOffering inherits from EntitySpecification.
  • Made EntitySpecificationType abstract and change association with it to a real relationship.
  • Added Association meta-model.
  • Added RootEntityRelationship and RootEntityGroupRelationship.
  • Added rangeStep attribute to CharacteristicSpecValue.
  • Added lifecycle and validFor attributes to EntitySpecification.
  • Added explanation of stereotypes, IDs and attributes multiplicity in the User’s Guide.
  • The following documents are not published anymore: GB922 Quality of Service, TR244, and TR264.

General Information

Document series: RN310
Document version: 17.0.2
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Reference
IPR mode: RAND
Date modified: 17-Nov-2017