IG1190B AIOps Change Management v1.0.1

Change Management is the service management process that controls the lifecycle of all changes to service, system, and infrastructure components in Production environments and, in general, in any controlled environment.

The Change Management process also ensures a smooth and successful transition of the changes into the target environment, minimizing risks and impacts to service quality, security and performance, preventing incidents and, when necessary, preparing the end users to adopt the new capabilities/functions brought by those changes.

In AIOps, the existing practices are challenged as AI models may evolve and change autonomously and unpredictably when they are in Production bypassing the change controls that have been put in place for traditional software.

General Information

Document series: IG1190B
Document version: 1.0.1
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Introductory Guide
Team approved: 29-May-2020
IPR mode: RAND
TM Forum Approved: 20-Jul-2020
Date modified: 21-Jul-2020