Ordering Business Agreement V1.2

Initial release of the Ordering BA for inclusion in Fx 13 for Member Evaluation only.

This document details the Business Agreement for phase 1 of the Ordering interface specification that effectively represents a way of communicating types of SID Business Interactions.

This document details the Business Interactions between BSS/OSS applications to support:
– Fulfillment Operations eTOM processes (e.g. Fulfilment/Activation/Provisioning)
– Bundling of TIP operations (as in MTOSI MART).

These share some degree of commonality in terms of their requirements and an efficient way of defining re-usable concepts for these is to be sought.

Although the Interface is named “Ordering”, the work to define an interface, and this BA, more commonly refers to “(Business) Interactions” to make it clearer that the emphasis is broader than that typically suggested by the term “Order” and that Orders are just one type of (Business) Interaction. In addition this approach allows for harmonization with MTOSI standards such as Service Activation and Resource Provisioning which do not necessarily always identify with the term “Order” (but do need some of the capabilities that (Business) Interactions provide (e.g. scheduling, bundling etc).

General Information

Document type: Interface