Performance Thresholding Management Release Notes- TIP PM Thr RN V1.2

As the communication world transforms to a service-oriented system, the next generation Service Providers (SP) have to deal with multi-technology, multi-vendor networks. The Service Providers not only have to provide a varied set of services to their customers but also need to contend with the pressure on the networking resources as the services multiply. In such a scenario, it is essential that the SP has a consistent view of the performance and utilization of the entire network. Only then can the SP efficiently utilize and plan the network resources available at his disposal.

As various technologies have developed over time the standards for monitoring the performance of the Network Elements for these have come to differ. This makes it very difficult to extract and correlate the Performance information.

This interface covers the Thresholding aspects of Performance Management, also named Performance Thresholding Management or PM Thresholding.

The aspects of Performance Monitoring are covered in a separate interface.

A Performance Management interface allows getting the end-to-end performance and utilization of the network. It also facilitates visualizing the performance of various services deployed in the network.

This interface functionality is closely related to Resource Problem Management and Resource Management. Along with Resource Problem Management, the Performance Management functionality provides inputs to the Service Assurance Modules of OSS.

General Information

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