RN310 Information Framework Release Notes R16.5.1

This release of the Information Framework release contains enhancements to it, including:

  • Support for Number Portability with the addition of portability requests as subclasses of Resource Orders and initial work on ResourceNumber and ResourceNumberSpecifications, which can be used for any type of number, such as telephone numbers
  • Addition of Party Revenue Sharing support in the Engaged Party domain aligned with the Party Revenue Sharing processes in the Business Process Framework (eTOM)
  • Updates to the Catalog, and Root Business Entities ABEs and the APISpecification entity to support new catalog requirements, such as version number and lifecycle status for Catalog and CatalogSpecification, attachments to EntitySpecifications, and new APISpecification attributes
  • Introduction of TR264 Information Framework Specification Support for Virtualization that proposes further SID updates to support virtualization, which will most likely become part of SID 17.0
  • Updates to the model to reduce issues when importing into Papyrus
  • Continued alignment with the Business Process Framework (eTOM).

General Information

Document series: RN310
Document version: 16.5.2
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Reference
IPR mode: RAND
Date modified: 24-Feb-2017