TR183 3GPP SA5 – TM Forum TIP Fault Management Harmonization-FMH TR V1.3

The background of the Fault Management Harmonization (FMH) project is the desire by operators and vendors to reduce the integration tax and the network operating cost, which is believed to be possible by converging 3GPP and TM Forum fault management solutions.

The FMH team did a detailed comparison of the semantics of alarm management specifications from 3GPP and from TM Forum and formulated a number of proposed changes to both specifications. This document describes the outcome of that work.

In 2010, 3GPP SA5 and TM Forum NGWW agreed to start a study on the possibility to come to a single set of management specifications which should work for wireless as well as for wireline networks. Fault Management (FM) was chosen as one of the pilot subjects.

General Information

Document series: TR183
Document version: 1.3
Document type: Technical Report
Team approved: 10-Oct-2012
TM Forum Approved: 14-May-2013