MTOSI Solution Suite Release 2.1

Release 2.1 of the MTOSI product is a minor release. It means that it does not contain any new features. There is one exception however: MTOSI 2.1 introduces a new supporting document documenting how to use MTOSI Service Management activation interfaces for the provisioning of broadband Ethernet services.
The modifications introduced in this release all relate to bug fixes at different levels: from simple editorial modifications to more important changes in the information model or in the WSDL or XML Interface specification.

Those different modifications have had an impact on many files from the BA, the IA and the IIS. Also several Supporting Documents have been updated to reflect the changes.

Complementary to this release, and based on MTOSI (XML solution), the technical report TR164 (Rfx_Guide_for_Transport_Networks_Management.doc) was published in November 2010 as a supporting document to provide some reusable RFx material concerning the management of transport networks intended for reuse by service providers. This TR 164 is published independently from the MTOSI release.

The MTOSI artifacts are structured into self-contained (though not independent) units called Document Delivery Packages (DDPs).

There are three kinds of DDPs: 

  • the FrameWork DDP (FMW) — this DDP contains the generic artifacts that are applicable to all the other DDPs.
  • Data Model DDP (DM-DDP) — a DDP that concerns a data model (entities, data structures, attributes, state, but no operations) 
  • Operation Model DDP (OM-DDP) — a DDP that concerns a computational model (operations, notifications, transactions) for a given functional area (such as resource inventory management)

The unified deliverables structure for each DDP is as follows:

  • Business Agreements (BAs): a business view specification
  • Information Agreements (IAs): a system view specification
  • Interface Implementation Specifications (ISSs): implementation and deployment view specification for XML (WSDL, XSD, bindings…)
  • Supporting Documentation: normative and informative supporting documents, MTOSI 2.1 Release Notes

Resources Included