TR208 Multi-Cloud Service Management Pack -Worked Example R2.0 V0.7

  • This document provides a detailed example of the multi-cloud management processes described in the other documents of the pack, with a focus on the use of the SM-API to provide metrics that enable management system interaction. The role of the SM-API is described in detail and with sample data, including its use in managing service state and configuration, and in capturing and interpreting metrics and failures.

The example uses a scenario in which a digital service provider (DSP) provides various services to mobile subscribers using the facilities provided by a communications service provider (CSP). The DSP wants to maximize the use of its services, and the CSP wants to leverage its unique relationship with its customers and its ability to provide sophisticated billing and payment services. This service uses the communications service provider brand and customer data from within the existing business support system (BSS) infrastructure to deliver capabilities to digital service providers. By walking through the development process from business scenario through analysis and design to implementation, the reader can see the “moving parts” that benefit from multi-cloud management capabilities.

General Information

Document series: TR208
Document type: Technical Report, Best Practice