TR175 Interface Deployment Scenarios Technical Report R3 V1.1

This document provides example usages (deployment scenarios) for the TM Forum interfaces.

  • The first release of this document focused on MTOSI, MTNM, OSS/J, SES SMI and the security interfaces (i.e., Single Sign-On, Operator User Management and Security Compliance Audit Automation).
  • The second release of this document focuses on the next generation TM Forum interfaces as deployed independently and as deployed in conjunction with the previous generation of interfaces.
  •  The third release of this document continues to focus on the next generation TM Forum interfaces. There is also new material on the Common Communication Vehicle (CCV).

The audience for this document is product managers, service providers and those looking to get an initial view of how the various TM Forum interfaces can be used in a service provider’s operations environment.

General Information

Document series: TR175
Document type: Technical Report