TR190 TM Forum Interface Program MTOSI GPON Profile Technical Report Requirements TR v1.2

Service Providers have developed passive optical networks (PONs) for a long time. To date, the complicated PONs are serving a large number of subscribers with a mixture of FTTH and FTTB/FTTC services. Some Service Providers wish to pre-configure as many parameters as possible in the deployment stage to:

  • Simplify the provisioning process after service subscription
  • Shorten the onsite installation service
  • Improve the service provisioning efficiency
  • Mask the differences between equipment vendors.

This document describes the service profiles that these Service Providers require during service provisioning on its live networks.

General Information

Document series: TR190
Document version: 1.2
Document type: Technical Report
Team approved: 10-Oct-2012
TM Forum Approved: 23-Jul-2013