TR263D Platform Security and Policy Management R17.0.1

This document is part of a multi-part series (i.e, TR263) that provides implementer guidelines for common integration challenges when using Platform, SoA and Open API concepts.

It addresses the challenge of securing software which is being orchestrated and composed dynamically in their deployed state, whilst maintaining clear software defined perimeters that can secure against multiple threats.


IPR mode: RAND
Release: 17
Status: TM Forum Approved
Maturity level: Level 4 – Forum Approved
Standard: Best Practices
Approval vote date: 10/27/2017
Document type: Technical Report
Strategic program: More Agile & Virtualized
Project: ZOOM (Zero-touch Orchestration, Operations & Management) Project
Security: Member
Date Modified: 11/20/2017
Document version: 1.0.4
Member evaluation start date: 7/14/2017
Member evaluation end date: 8/11/2017
Topic: Agile Business & IT, APIs, Network Function Virtualization (NFV) / ZOOM, Platforms, Security

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