TMF675B Geographic Location Conformance Profile v4.0.0

This API encapsulates the majority of Geometry Objects defined by GeoJSON – an open standard format designed for representing simple geographical features – and released by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as RFC 79462 in August 2016. The GeoJSON schemas are adopted by FIWARE as a basis for describing IoT device (sensor, actuator) locations; supported as a Google Maps data-layer and by Amazon Web Services Location Service.

The GeoJSON types are placed in a hierarchy under a TM Forum GeographicLocation super-class (analogous to a GeoJSON Geometry), which is itself a kind-of TM Forum Place. GeographicLocation sits alongside TMF673 GeographicAddress and TMF674 GeographicSite. A GeographicLocation might be used to return the location (place) of a PhysicalResource or the position/area where Service is being provided.

General Information

Document series: TMF675B
Document version: 4.0.0
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Specification
Team approved: 22-Feb-2022
IPR mode: RAND
Published on: 04-Apr-2022
TM Forum Approved: 20-May-2022
Date modified: 30-May-2022