IG1226 Edge Guidelines Suite

Several Edge related catalysts encountered the challenge of integrating diverse standards from multiple SDO and create a Management capability that can be integrated into ODA Production and Core Commerce Function Groups. This document describes a generalized use case that is used in IG1226B to define the best practice for integrating diverse SDO model and APIs into ODA using Open APIs.

The audience for these documents are business and IT architects, system designers and software developers who can use use these best practices to create ODA compliment solutions.

Overview of Edge Guidelines Suite

This document series is a set of technical results from several Edge related catalyst projects.  There are three parts:

  • IG1226A ODA Edge Guidelines: Business Roles & Models.  Captures the diversity of business models that had to be supported and recommends best practice for representing roles and forming business model relationships.  For Edge these models and relationships need to be incorporated into, and enforced in, the operation of Edge technologies. This introduces some management complexity not seen in traditional network technologies that focus on forwarding and routing.
  • IG1226B ODA Edge Guidelines: Information Model Mapping Examples. Captures the way that TM Forum Open Digital Architecture (ODA), based on Information Framework and Open APIs, can manage Edge technologies with specific mapping examples based on ETSI Multi-access Edge Cloud (MEC).
  • IG1226C ODA Edge Guidelines: Use Cases.  This captures generalized examples of Edge Management which is used as the basis for developing the Information Model examples. 


Resources Included