GB923 Wireless Service Measurements Solution Suite

The Wireless Service Measurements Handbook identifies the necessary service measurements needed to monitor the types of services running over 2G and 3G networks.  It also shows how these measurements are derived from network measurements.  The purpose of this document is to present a methodology for deriving network metrics that relate to Key Quality Indicators (KQIs).

There are two companion documents to the handbook:

  • GB923a is a schedule of KQIs that are used to measure the quality of service.  GB923a  is a living document and the intention is to maintain it as an up to date source of  reference for Key Quality Indicators.
  • GB923b contains those measurements that have been identified in support of the KQIs and have been submitted to the Performance Management Team for inclusion in 3GPP standards.

A customer’s perception of quality is a judgment made by the customer about the overall excellence, or otherwise, of the delivered service. This document identifies additional service resource performance metrics that enable service quality management.

This information provides the foundation for the development of Key Performance Indexes (KPIs), and subsequently Key Quality Indicators (KQIs), that enable the definition of Service Level Agreements.  As well as defining a hierarchy of measurable indicators, GB923 also provides recommendations to define the structure and content of a KQI. Although the handbook focuses on services running over 2G and 3G networks, it is expected that the methodology can equally be applied to non -wireless technologies.

As wireless markets mature a common expectation is a guaranteed quality of service, especially for the high end of the market. There is a need for network operators and service providers to manage wholesale relationships and guarantee quality levels at wholesale positions.  The focus shift to service based management has meant that new service measurements that capture the customer’s perception need to be put in place.

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