IG1222 ODA Technical Architecture Suite

This initial snapshot of the ODA Technical Architecture comprises a suite of four documents:

  • IG1222 Part 1: ODA Technical Architecture Overview: 
    An Informative overview of the ODA Technical Architecture covering: business and technical goals, the main architectural concepts and integration patterns, how the architecture can be used by the TM Forum, suppliers, integrators and Communication Service Providers to define, develop and deploy agile solutions, and positioning within ODA, and external industry architecture e.g., TOGAF.
  • IG1222 Part 2: ODA Technical Architecture Requirements: 
    A collection of business and technical requirements that have been identified for this initial release. These are expected to be extended as the work evolves.
  • IG1222 Part 3: ODA Technical Architecture Definitions and Concepts: 
    A formal set of definitions of the key architectural terms, and collection of the key ODA concepts (Components, Systems, Platform), their formal specification, examples, and in some cases, conformance requirements. 
  • IG1222 Part 4: ODA Technical Architecture ODA Patterns:  
    A collection of integration patterns identified by catalyst implementation projects, which are needed for integration of, and interoperability among independently developed components; and the run-time ODA Systems Services needed to support their operation. In this snapshot these ODA System Services are mostly different forms of catalogs and inventories for things like bootstrapping components, on-line discovery of running ODA components, and deployment on to Cloud Platforms using ODA Canvas (Kubernetes based).