GB979 Big Data Analytics Solution Suite R16.0.1

This sixth release of the Big Data Analytics Solution Suite continues to build on the foundation of GB979, which defines out a reference model, use cases, business value roadmap, building blocks and the analytics big data repository for big data analytics. 

In Release 16.0.1, the following has been updated in Solution Suite: 

  • GB979 Big Data Analytics Guidebook R16.0.1:  In this release of the guidebook the reference model has been updated to differentiate between streaming analytics and real-time analytics. The practical value of each has been clearly enunciated. Also, the Data Governance vertical has been enhances to include clear definitions and processes.
  • RN346 Big Data Analytics Release Notes R16.0.1 provide the overview content of the BDA Solution Suite and will identify the specific changes introduced in this current release.