IG1134 360 Degree View of a Customer R15.5.1

The work in the 360 degree view of the customer project approaches improving user experience management from various angles. First of all a revised and augmented lifecycle model is proposed. There are many new scenarios the existing model was not built for. Smart cities are one example of the new scenarios, where the city is providing services to its citizens and visitors. There are also IoT use cases. The existing lifecycle model was primarily made for telecommunication scenarios. The revised model will extend the scope to these highly important new cases.

A particular focus in this guidebook is also put on the use of analytics based on the lifecycle model. For this purpose the model is extended in a manner that will enable capturing of the atomic pieces of information that reveal details of the user’s experience. These experience details will be a rich input source for analytics. Furthermore the model is extended by means to capture and preserve the insights generated by analytics and general knowledge. Another promising new aspect of customer experience management is customer sentiment. This area is also introduced in this document and by the 360 degree view of a customer project. Customer sentiment is dealing with a very personal and individual view of the customer by capturing and understanding things like moods, feelings or behaviors. Also, this understanding can be a direct driver for business improvements through well informed and well targeted investment decisions. This guide provides a general overview of customer sentiment and its use cases.

General Information

Document series: IG1134
Document version: 9.0.2
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Exploratory Report
Team approved: 15-Nov-2015
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TM Forum Approved: 7-Apr-2016
Date modified: 8-Apr-2016