Zero-Touch Partnering Use-Cases v4.0.0 (GB1027C)

Zero Touch Partnering is considered a strategic enabling capability of organizations that wish to grow their business through collaboration and co-creation of new services to be offered to both existing customers and new customers. This document captures both detailed and high level use cases which exercise this capability. The high level use cases were created prior to the development of the detailed materials that informed the work, for example the strategy & vision document, the reference architecture and the API profile and subsequent API suite. The detailed use cases were created subsequently and therefore are informed by the detailed work of the collaboration team in building out these assets.

General Information

Document series: GB1027C
Document version: 4.0.0
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Guidebook
Team approved: 16-Jun-2023
IPR mode: RAND
Published on: 19-Jun-2023
TM Forum Approved: 04-Aug-2023
Date modified: 04-Aug-2023