IG1274F End-to-End AIOps Use Cases v1.0.0

At present, telecom operators are building digital, intelligent, advanced architecture and leading information systems to achieve the goal of “efficient enterprise operation, strong market enabling and good customer service experience”, support the rapid development of the company, and win customer trust and the market. More and more enterprises have applied AI technology to the operation and maintenance management of information systems and invested in the deployment of AIOps. The system construction needs to be built based on a high standard architecture to quickly meet the business support needs, and gradually improve the system functions to cope with the data volume explosion caused by the enterprise’s digital transformation and the operational challenges brought by the complex system architecture.

General Information

Document series: IG1274F
Document version: 1.0.0
Status: Member Evaluated
Document type: Introductory Guide
Team approved: 09-Dec-2022
IPR mode: RAND
Published on: 12-Dec-2022
Date modified: 23-Jan-2023