IG1307 Digital Twin for Decision Intelligence (DT4DI) Whitepaper v1.0.0

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To be more competitive, CSPs must move away from traditional Business Intelligence (BI) to a Decision Intelligence (DI) strategy and approach, taking advantage of Digital Twin and AI to effectively become knowledge-driven and results-oriented organizations.

Decision Intelligence (DI) is an emerging discipline (sometimes called Decision Intelligence Engineering or Decision Science) of turning data and information into better actions at any scale, enabled by different practices, techniques, and technologies, including AI and Digital Twin.

Digital Twin (DT) is a broad emerging topic. It is an architectural approach and technique providing virtual representations of real objects, combining multiple technologies. DT applies in many domains to various scenarios and use cases, including Decision Intelligence.

In the DT4DI TM Forum collaboration project, after sharing foundational definitions and baselines about DI and DT, we approach the engineering of Decision Intelligence solutions powered by DT and AI, expanding, complementing, and absorbing traditional Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to support the business analysis, business processes, and decision-making processes in the CSPs industry.

This whitepaper is the first deliverable of this new collaboration initiative and introduces the context, background, scope, and project deliverables.

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