TMF053B NGOSS Technology Neutral Architecture: Business and System View Contracts v5.1

This document addresses NGOSS requirements as defined in TMF053, The NGOSS Technology Neutral Architecture, specifically those related to interactions between NGOSS components (NGOSS Contracts) from an architectural point of view. Each NGOSS component offers functionality to other NGOSS Components through interfaces in a way that the corresponding capability is specified by:

  • The metadata used to describe the interface
  • The metadata used to describe the operations.

The behavior of the interface should be constrained by at least:

  • The pre-conditions under which an operation may be invoked (i.e., the set of conditions that must be satisfied in order to invoke the operation)
  • The post-conditions, which define the termination states that result when an operation is invoked.

These requirements for the specification of a functionality are realized by NGOSS Contract. An NGOSS Contract is the fundamental unit of interoperability within an NGOSS System. Please note that an NGOSS Contract is much more than a simple software interface specification. Rather, the NGOSS Contract is a specification of how an entity interacts with its environment. As such, it includes other aspects of the solution in addition to software.

General Information

Document series: TMF053B
Document version: 5.1
Status: Member Evaluated
Document type: Specifications
Team approved: 21-Nov-2006
IPR mode: RAND
Date modified: 21-Nov-2006