TMF681 Communication API REST Specification R17.5.0

Communication message means a notification approach in the format of a message which can be dispatched (sent) to the certain user by the system with the content which can be felt and understood by the recipient. The user can be either a final customer or a customer service agent. The message can reach the customer in different interaction channels, including: email, short message, mobile app notification (push).

Normally the communication is implemented as a common shared service for all the IT applications. Whenever there is an application which needs to manage or send the message to the customer, this application can invoke the “communication” API to dispatch the notification.


Standard: Integration Framework
IPR mode: RAND
Maturity level: Level 3 – Team Approved
Document type: Specification
Release: 17.5
Security: Member
Status: Out For Corporate Approval
Strategic program: More Agile & Virtualized
Project: Internet of Everything Project
Topic: Agile Business & IT, APIs
Date Modified: 01/23/2018
Document version: 1.1.1