Activation and Provisioning Evolution Plan V1.0.3

This document provides a plan for the evolution of the MTOSI and OSS/J specifications in the areas of activation, provisioning and ordering. In particular, specific evolution plans are provided for MTOSI Resource Provisioning (RP), MTOSI Service Activation (both the Service Activation Interface (SAI) and the Service Component Activation Interface (SCAI)), MTOSI MART and OSS/J Order Management API. The target architecture is to be based on the Shared Interface Infrastructure (i.e., the new TM Forum interface framework).

[This present version of the document (i.e., 1.0) is preliminary and further work is need. For Version 1.0, the focus was on evolution of MTOSI RP with less focus on the other specifications noted above. However, even for MTOSI RP, further evolution planning is needed. Subsequent versions of this document will provide more detail.]

The interfaces associated with the various MTOSI Document Delivery Packages (DDPs) are based on the MTOSI Framework (see TMF518_FMW) and various subsets of the SID service and resource models. The OSS/J APIs are based the OSS/J Common API (see JSR144 OSS/J Common API) and associated Core Business Entities (based on the SID model). Several years prior, the TM Forum board directed the TM Forum Integration Program (TIP) to define an evolution plan for MTOSI and OSS/J which would eventually result in a single suite of harmonized interfaces (now known as the Operations Management Interfaces (OMIs)). The harmonization work is well underway, with a common infrastructure already defined (known as the Shared Interface Infrastructure (SII)) and associated tooling (known as JOSIF). This document focuses on defining an evolution plan from MTOSI and OSS/J to a new set of OMIs in the areas of activation, provisioning and order management.

General Information

Document series: TMF-APEP
Document version: 1.0.3
Document type: Technical Report
Team approved: 21-Oct-2013
TM Forum Approved: 03-Jun-2014