Frameworx Rx Support process and templates- Frameworx Procurement Request Support Template v3.2 06022013

Service providers are turning to the TM Forum to standardize the Frameworx procurement process in order to

Increase buyer confidence

Reduce procurement and integration costs and risks

A family of procurement best practice guides and recommendations that service providers can use to specify required business processes and information models are now available to speed the procurement of Frameworx-based solutions.

The Frameworx RFx Templates document provides a high-level introduction to Frameworx-based vendor selection and procurement.

The Frameworx RFx Support Process and Templates document extends this by defining a process for the production of the RFx document as well as covering Application and Integration Framework requirements.

The Frameworx RFx templates include the RFx Guide for Transport Network Management-MTOSI/XML, now available to TM Forum Members.

By aligning the RFx templates with the Frameworx Conformance Certification program, service providers remove risk from the procurement process and suppliers significantly reduce the cost of responding to RFx requirements.

A companion course, Frameworx-based Procurement Support, provides technical and procurement staff with advice on how to use Frameworx and the RFx templates to control the procurement process.

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