GB1011 Transformation Project Framework (TPF) v3.0.0

The Transformation Project Framework (TPF) addresses a need from TM Forum Members to facilitate a systematic approach by their Transformation programs to defining, planning and executing multiple transformation projects that are based on adoption of Open Digital Architecture (ODA) and Open APIs. Typically, these transformation programs run multiple transformation projects in sprints, each with a specific transformation focus, that overlap in time and have dependencies among them. Having a standard systematic approach to these projects simplifies transformation programs and facilitates agile developments.

Currently, the majority of ODA materials are focused on ‘what’ ODA is, and provide less complete coverage on ‘how’ to use ODA.

Initial work on transformation guide topics selected specific challenges – such as Cloudification of OSS and BSS (IG1221); and described the goals, strategy, planning and execution steps need to move from an ‘As-Is’ typical OSS/BSS system approach to one of the possible ‘To-Be’ OSS Software application approaches running on cloud technology. As these transformation guides have developed, and based on member experience, it has been realized that a more systematic transformation program approach to project planning is possible, and highly desirable. Whilst no two transformations projects are identical, they are typically made up of common ingredients. The Digital Maturity Model (DMM) and the Digital Organization Transformation (DOT) Model are used for assess where you are ’As-Is’ and setting out the goals for where you want ‘To-Be’. ‘

This Transformation Project Framework provides a taxonomy of common transformation project Work Breakdown items that can be packaged and enhanced by members to plan and execute any ’As-Is’ ‘To Be’ transformation. It also provides direct linkage between standardized Transformation Work Breakdown items and TM Forum Assets, thus making it easier to find relevant ODA assets. It will be supplemented progressively with typical examples showing how the Transformation Project Framework can be used practically. To use a metaphor:‘ just as ‘the TM Form Business Process framework allows members to define their own process flows from combinations of standard processes’ so ‘the Transformation Project Framework allows members to create their own transformation projects from combinations of standard Work Break-down Structure items’ The aspiration is eventually to have a sufficiently comprehensive Framework that can support any type of transformation program project that links to any ODA assets. The initial Transformation Project Framework also suggests some candidate worked examples. Of these, the initial exemplar that we are developing is IG1263 Inventory of the Future Transformation User Guide. What we are seeking from publishing this snapshot of the TPF are: Feedback and proposals from members for additions to the Transformation Project Framework Work Break-down structure. Support for mapping from Work Breakdown items to TM Forum Assets. Proposals and contribution to addition exemplar Transformation User Guides (TUG)based on the Transformation Project Framework.

General Information

Document series: GB1011
Document version: 3.0.0
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Guidebook
Team approved: 05-Aug-2022
IPR mode: RAND
Published on: 15-Aug-2022
TM Forum Approved: 23-Sep-2022
Date modified: 29-Sep-2022