GB922 Business Partner v23.0

The Business Partner domain represents roles, information and activities carried out by parties (e.g. individuals / organizations) playing roles that are involved in the strategic planning, definition, development, operational aspects and all types of contact with Business Partners (e.g. Suppliers, Partners, etc.) with which an enterprise collaborates in order to operate their business. Activities include management of Business Partner: strategies, capabilities, value propositions, relationships, profiles, data, privacy, security, interactions, communications, tenders, agreements, orders, requisitions, supplies, accounts, balances, inventories, reconciliations, service level agreements (SLAs), training, problems, cases, invoices, payments, revenues, disputes, collections, loyalty, performance, usage statistics, analytics and support of Business Partners as they supply, acquire, use, support, purchase, pay for and are supported for goods and services (products) that they provide and / or obtain from an enterprise.

A Business Partner is a commercial party with which the Enterprise (i.e. Service Provider) has some form of cooperative alliance. This relationship may range from a formal contractual, exclusive bond in which both parties commit to not ally with third parties, to a loose arrangement of associated parties.

Many of the Business Partner Domain information and activities are business partner role-specific specializations of generalized concepts defined within the Common Domain.

General Information

Document series: GB922-54
Document version: 23.0.0
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Standard
Team approved: 16-Jun-2023
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TM Forum Approved: 04-Aug-2023
Date modified: 04-Aug-2023