GB922 Communication Interaction R18.5.1

This guide book defines a set of common business entities that are used to track communication interactions.

The Communication Interaction ABE contains all entities needed for specifying a CommunicationInteraction describing an exchange of information during a communication between two or more human(s) and/or machine(s) during a period of time.

As a CommunicationInteraction might concern Parties playing a role of Customer, Supplier… or even Resources, it is proposed to locate the new ABE « CommunicationInteraction ABE » in « Common Business Entities Domain ».

General Information

Document series: GB922-8
Document version: 1.0.1
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Standard
Team approved: 03-Dec-2018
IPR mode: RAND
TM Forum Approved: 04-Mar-2019
Date modified: 05-Mar-2019