GB946 Introduction To Procurement Support Templates V14.5.0

This document provides a high-level introduction to Frameworx-based vendor selection and procurement. Within this context, it provides an overview of the market challenges facing information and communications service providers, the business response to address the challenges, i.e. Business Component solutions, and how Frameworx supports the capability to address these challenges.

The second part of the document provides a procurement template for acquiring Frameworx conformant products. This uses the Frameworx Conformance Assessment as a methodology to assess the conformance of a procured solution/product. The process outlined addresses the scope of the required solution/product, evidence of its alignment mapping to Frameworx and a high level quantitative scoring methodology to assess levels of conformance.

Related and supporting this document is the Frameworx RFx Support Process and Templates document (TMF062). This document provides a template for developing an RFx (RFI, RFP, and so forth) stated in terms of the TM Forum Frameworx. The general coverage of the document includes an overview of the solution requirements and the solution architecture. Coverage of Frameworks includes the Application Framework, the Business Process Framework, and the Information Framework.

General Information

Document series: GB946
Document type: Best Practice