GB967 Policy in the Context of Charging and Billing Suite

  • Maturity level: Level 4 - Forum Approved

The objective of this Practitioner’s Guide is to give guidance and method placing policy within Frameworx in the context of Charging and Billing. Composed of Release Notes, the Guidebook GB967 Policy in the Context of Charging and Billing and GB967-A Billing Domain Cross Map the suite provides:

  • Business scenarios: use cases prevalent in Charging & Billing (C&B) that highlight different policy types
  • Current and suggested Frameworx processes (eTOM), information (SID) and applications (TAM) around policy
  • Method for identifying the policy type, finding a close business scenario, evaluating matching sample processes, and adapting them where needed.

The Telecoms Industry is forcing better coordination between Networks and Business Support Systems in general, and in particular the policies found in each of these areas. These policies require dynamic and coordinated handling which if successful complement each other leading to a better customer experience. These documents look at how Policy is used to change various entities, and the management of Policy itself.