Future TAM Impacts by SDN/NFV R16.0.1 (IG1130)

As operators and enterprises evaluate the introduction of virtualization to network functions they are discovering that the biggest challenges lie in the existing organization, processes and systems. For a better vision of the corresponding challenge, operators need to have the full picture of differences between the traditional and virtualized Product Lifecycle Management. Still, even this is not enough for transforming an organization into an agile digital services machine. Network operators need particular recommendations for defining principles and implementation of virtualized Product Lifecycle Management.

Such analysis and recommendations are already defined in TM Forum documents IG1117 OSS/BSS Futures Overview‚ and IG1118 OSS/BSS Futures: Preparing the Future Mode of Operation.

However, the already existing Best Practices and recommendations should be continuously reviewed and updated to incorporate the most recent studies in the TM Forum ZOOM Project.

The current document is based on the ongoing research in the TM Forum ZOOM Project and targeted to reveal the challenges related to the OSS/BSS used by Service Providers. The existing Systems are usually based on the TM Forum Frameworx and, in particular, on the Telecom Applications Map. So it is reasonable to stick to the TAM terminology and classification of functional domains.

The analysis presented in this document is at high level and might not be sufficient to create CRs for TAM. In order to create CRs for TAM it is essentially important to study each application/sub application of TAM in detail. The scope of such work and associated effort will span through more than one cycle of a Frameworx release; therefore this is presented as the main document and all detailed analysis for TAM CRs are covered by an addendum document, IG1130A.

General Information

Document series: IG1130-1
Document version: 2.0.8
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Exploratory Report
Team approved: 28-Apr-2016
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TM Forum Approved: 15-Jul-2016
Date modified: 27-Jul-2016