IG1138 Introductory Guide to External Data Monetization R15.5.1

In the world of selling data, there are two ubiquitous market trends to consider:

  • Decrease in revenues from the traditional streams –  Unlimited price plans, decline in voice and SMS usage, increased competition are just some of the reasons for flat-lining revenues and declining profitability
  • Big Data Awareness without commensurate usage – Communication Service Providers sit on a very large cache of data. They are highly aware of the potential contained therein which has led them to invest significantly in creating advanced big data environments. Carriers’ decision makers are aware of the capabilities they have utilizing their organization’s data for many types of usage. Yet most of them still didn’t see a tangible ROI from their Big Data platforms.

This leads into the imperative to execute a data monetization project, where the ROI can be visible much more clearly.

As revenues from core services show a trend of decline in most mature markets, operators continuously seek new revenue streams outside their main business. The main asset of carriers has always been their customer data, and a chief area of focus today is to identify use cases and customers insights that 3rd parties can benefit from and utilize for better business planning.

This Introductory Guide provides a reference model for successfully monetizing data. The guide also takes a holistic view of regulations, need for compliance, the various privacy techniques available for each layer of the architecture and the industries/verticals that data monetization can be applied to. The various types of opportunities available for converting data to revenues is also explored. Finally, there are 10 use cases defined in detail spanning Health, Transportation, Finance/Fraud, Advertising, Site Planning, and Tourism. 

General Information

Document series: IG1138
Document version: 1.0.4
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Exploratory Report
Team approved: 24-Nov-15
IPR mode: RAND
TM Forum Approved: 7-Apr-16
Date modified: 8-Apr-16
ODF Technical: Data Governance