Managing Partnerships Introductory Guide V1.2

  • Maturity level: Level 3 - Team Approved

This introductory guide provides a framework to help service providers build sustaining relationships and partnerships with other providers – an increasingly important aspect of delivering digital services as the digital economy mushrooms into a complex ecosystem.

In the past, service providers (especially communications service providers – CSP’s) typically owned and operated their own infrastructure, developed their own services and managed the customer relationship directly but, increasingly, services comprise of different components from many types of provider who have to collaborate to provide an end-to-end service. This is driving the need for ever-closer relationships in the digital ecosystem as the level of dependency on each party is continually rising. Unfortunately, many of these relationships fail to run as smoothly as intended and many companies are in the process of learning new skills and competencies to manage these relationships. This guide is designed to help share learning and best practices so that problems can be minimized.

General Information

Status: Member Evaluated
Document type: Best Practice
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