RN315 Application Framework Release Notes R17.0.1

Release 17.0.1 is a further refinement of concepts introduced in earlier releases.

In this release, we are introducing significant changes to The Application Framework and its Addenda.

In response to growing demand, we are improving the access to the low-level functions of the Application Framework. This was done by breaking the Functionality block text that is associated to each of the Applications in TAM and changing it into a group of individual functionalities. We are now linking the application to the Functions that were up until this release part of the Functional Model (GB929F), effectively merging the Functional model into the Application Framework.

While performing this change, we also did a massive cleanup drill on the Application Framework: over 200 overview descriptions were added and specific issues in the text were fixed.

Representations of the model have also changed.

On the main TM Forum web site an enhanced clickable model will be available that will show the Application and Function views.

In addition, the files representing the Application Framework are changing. See section 3.1 of this document for details.

General Information

Document series: RN315
Document version: 17.0.2
Status: TM Forum Approved
Document type: Reference
Team approved: 05-Jun-2017
IPR mode: RAND
Date modified: 17-Nov-2017