TM Forum Integration Program MPLS-TP Management Model (FDD)

  • Maturity level: Level 3 - Team Approved

The purpose of this study is to detail the work necessary to support MPLS-TP network technology in TM Forum Integration Interfaces.

Considering the industry urgent needs for a common, open management interface dealing with the Packet Transport Network approach, the detailed modeling will consider MTOSI as first priority envelope. This choice implies the reduction of overall impact on existing MTOSI definitions, as the readiness for implementation drives incremental definition approach. On the other side, it is recognized that the conceptual model should be defined as much as possible considering future integration into TIP Management Interfaces.

With reference to the OAM model, this work will be performed in close synchronization with TIP-TSO activity regarding the common OAM model for access networks (GPON, Ethernet), carrier networks (Ethernet) as well as packet transport networks (Ethernet, MPLS-TP). See TIP-TSO Resource & Service Assurance FDD.

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