GB929 Application Framework (TAM) R15.0.1

The Application Framework (TAM) is a sub-component of Frameworx, the TM Forum’s blueprint for enabling successful business transformation. It provides a common language and means of identification for buyers and suppliers across all application areas.

In this release, phase II of the Functional Model of the Application Framework was further developed. Application Framework is widely adapted, however application architecture at CSP’s is often aligned with their business model and organization. Because of that it is often difficult to match in a good way with both the AF application level and AF application domain level.

Although the defined applications and domain structure of AF don’t fit most CSP’s, the functions contained in the applications are valid. Therefore, by evolving the Application Framework into a normalized functional decomposition, we are able to significantly increase its value.

Moreover, additional benefit will be the fact that Digital Economy service offerings will be able to map onto a reference point in the functional model in a more meaningful way as they will be able to point directly into the capability they are offering.

RN315 Application Framework Release Notes R15.0.1 provide the overview content of the Application Framework and it will identify the changes introduced in this current release.