TR264 Information Framework Specification Support for Virtualization R16.5.0

Based on TR244, NVF artefacts were added to the Information Framework in release 15.0.

In release 16.0 additional artefacts were added based on joint activities between the Information Framework team and the Catalog Management team, all related to entity specifications. They were grouped in the Network Function Spec ABE.

During the 16.5 period, further discussions were carried out with the following objectives:

  •  clarify some specific aspects related to the composition and deployment of a VNF as specified in ETSI-NFV
  •  use concrete examples to illustrate and document to a sufficient level of details
  • go beyond the specific aspects of Network Functions, and consider a more general approach applicable to other domains where virtualization is also using Cloud infrastructures.

The result of these discussions is presented in this document in order to share the proposed approach openly with the expectation that collected comments and suggestions will help to improve it.

This document is not published for corporate approval but more as support for discussions with interested experts across concerned teams in order to progress the work.

General Information

Document series: TR264
Status: Member Evaluated
Document type: Technical Report
IPR mode: RAND
Date modified: 30-Nov-2016